Monday, August 24, 2009

Lost in the Trees and The Love Language

The town of Chapel Hill conspired with the local 506 to bring us all a marvel of a live concert on the rooftop of the downtown parking deck. Lost in the Trees is a "folk orchestra" from Chapel Hill, NC, led by Ari Picker. Ari Picker, who attended the Berklee College of Music, blends American folk and traditional classical music in a way that is completely original. The band contains a full string section, horns, bass and versitle multi-instrumentalists along with a drummer. All Alone In An Empty House is the latest album from this band and its an instant classic to my ear. There are straight up classical sketches for strings (Mvt I & Mvt II) and there are smoldering electric guitar romps like "Fireplace." All of this was performed Thursday night with stunning grace and ease. A high point of this set is the embittered "All Alone in an Empty House." Ari and his large band go to the head of the class among the smart rock set.

Lost in the Trees

Next up was the Love Language whose lo-fi self titled release sounds nothing like the joyful noise this band makes in a performance. Polished and full sounding, this band is rather large as well featuring 2 keyboardists, bass, 2 guitarists and a drummer and for this show a trumpet. Bouncy, upbeat, hooky are all words that you could use to define them. Band founder Stuart McLamb finds himself in a really great live band after singlehandedly playing every instrument on the Album. From the country tinged "Stars" to the bubbly rocker "Lalita" the love language delivered a memorable set.

The Love Language

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