Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes, Artisanal

Batch Toning - Finishing Prints

Batch toning the last step in finishing these darkroom prints. This is an ongoing batch of photographic prints that are drying after being toned with selenium. It makes the silver in the print not tarnish with age and can heighten contrast. Adding a bit of permanence to the work is a good idea considering the time involved in shooting, developing and printing the film. Yet another wet process the prints are put in water then agitated in Selenium until the contrast is how you want it to be and then washed one more time in another tray and put out to dry and be enjoyed!

As you can see I've been printing alot of large images. Been shooting more medium format film which makes for very detailed larger images. Slowly my portfolio is coming together. I'm in a great area to shoot some amazing outdoor locations. The Eno River, Occoneechee Mountain, New Hope Creek and some very beautiful forest in Durahm County.

I felt like all this shooting ahd photography was "action stuff" until I started printing. Then I realised that printing especially a learned craft. So yes, I feel Artisinal when I work on these...