Monday, August 10, 2009

20 Memorable shows I've played

Building on Jeff Hart's Idea, I typed this up...

1) Opening for the Replacements in 1984 at the 688 in Atlanta. My band One Plus Two opened for this legendary band on a night when they were ragged and right. We managed to drink some of their upscale beers and roll their dressing room before they came offstage. (1984)

2) 1+2 Opening dB's old Cat's Cradle Franklin Street - Pre "Like This" era dB's. Met Peter and Chris for the first time. Enjoyed chatting with Peter when he walked in singing "Sound of the Rain" from the newish Rank and File record which I had just bought. Affable guys great band! (1983)

3) 1+2 Opening for OH OK - Athens, GA, old 40 Watt downtown. That whole damn weekend was magic. The PA went out at the beginning of our set so we had to fill with junk music while MILLS,STIPE,BERRY&BUCK milled about the room. No I wasn't tooooo nervous. Met Lynne Blakey for the first time and Peter Buck! The band that played between us and (Linda Stipes band) OH OK? Matthew Sweets band called Buzz of Delight. What a night!(1983)

4) Swamis and Majosha at the 1988 Battle of the Bands in Durham, NC. Majosha. Ben Fold's nascent band played their first gig at Duke University's Battle of the Bands in 1988 and won in a final song "Play off" against US!

5) Chronic Night - Cats Cradle (2001) Played under my name with Brent Lambert accompanying me on guitar. This great tribute to REM was something I thought I would never get to play. I owe Frank Heath for thinking of me. I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to play for such a large crowd.

6) Guadal Canal Diary opening for 1+2 at the Cat's Cradle. Odd way things work with on of my very favourite bands of all time opening for mine. They were amazing and they split town as soon as they were packed up. (1984)

7. Borrowing from Jeff Hart, Songwriters alliance show at Berkeley Cafe - Guests were Ryan Adams, Sara Bell & Jerry Kee. This gig became a near riot and required Raleigh's finest to break it up. I was a newish quasi-regular. I left the stage area when the action got heavy. I could NOT get Ryan's name right all night long, I kept calling him the wrong name. He still spoke to me anyway and eventually, I got his name right. Ryan was playing a beat up Kay guitar and sounding better than my fancyish epiphone.

8) 1+2 Opens for Red Hot Chili Peppers to an empty Cradle on a Sunday Night! Unhappy Californians (1983)

9) 1+2 Opens for the venerable Hoodoo Gurus to a packed Cradle. I loved this band. What a pleasure to get to open for the Aussies on their first US tour. (1984)

10) Swamis open for Let's Active (1986) Every Dog Has His Day was the record. I had opened for Let's Active before but this show had momentum to be huge and it was an important gig for this new newish band of mine.

11) 1+2 Opens for 10,000 Maniacs at the Cat's Cradle. Geez it was unbelievable there almost
every night in the 80's. This show was no exception (1983).

12) 1+2 Opens for The Three O'clock at the Brewery in Raleigh. Unbelievably pop performaces from both bands. Everybody had their top button on their shirts buttoned, yeah? (1982)

13) Swamis and Chris Stamey - Brewery Raleigh, NC (1987) Unbelievable night of music from Chris. He had not played in the area for a while so this was a reentry show of sorts from him. Lots of material from fireworks.

14) Swamis Opening for Richard Lloyd on his "Field of Fire" tour. Amazing guitarist. Enough said. (1987)

15) 1+2 Opening for Beat Rodeo at the old 40 Watt in Athens, GA. Eating Pizza at Automatic for the People! Something in the air at that time that couldn't be beat. (1983)

16) 1+2 opens for the Rain Parade at the Cat's Cradle. I brought these psychedelic fellas back to my house to hang out after the show. Very cool band with a great sound.

17) Songwriters Alliance with Chris Stamey and Jeff Hart (199?) filling in for Wes LaChot it was my first time playing next to Chris Stamey. I've never seen a more prepared performer in my life. Lots of mental notes taken.

18) 1+2 Opening for the Fleshtones a the Milestone, Charlotte, NC (1983). As if playing the decrepit Milestone wasn't enough fun opening for the then venerable Fleshtones and this run-down gem of a club

19) Pound Notes Playing the Milestone in Charlotte (1982) Opening was Hope Nichols and a very early version of Fetchin' Bones as it was just Hope plus a guitarist (acoustic at that) Even then you could tell she was talent waiting to explode.

20) 1+2 Opening for Swimming Pool Q's (many times) I LOVE THIS BAND. Annie Boston can sing! (1984)


Abby said...

Impressive list!

ReNo said...

Played the Cradle with the chili peppers wasn't that in 1984?