Sunday, September 2, 2007

Paperhand Puppet Intervention Strikes

Paperhand presented "A Shoe for Your Foot" at the Forest Theater August 10 - September 3rd. I was lucky enough to see it tonight and was taken by the programs originality, creativity and thematic consistency. The program begins with a lifeboat metaphor for the earth and a small boat that comes to encompass an entire bustling city. The ancient and wise creatures of the sea witness the coming and going of the boat city as another of many events that are recalled from the centures past. The lowly shoe for the lowly foot keeps the show rolling with a humorous vignette entitle "The Life of a Shoe". Paperhand ties so many themes together in every presentation. Those of our duty to the planet, to ourselves, and to each other. The music and musicians for this show were terrific. The songs memorable and appropriate and the pit orchestra versatile enough to do sound effects and voice overs as well.
Also notable were the "boxheads." The stilt dancers and shadow puppet segment at the end are not to be missed.

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