Monday, September 10, 2007

Jeffrey Dean Foster and Don Dixon at the 506

Last night saw long time Chapel Hill denizen Don Dixon return to town to perform at the local 506. He brought along with him Winston Salem's own Jeffrey Dean Foster. Jeff opened the show with songs from his early days from the Pinetops up to the "Million Star Hotel" solo material. Particularly effective were "I'm so lonesome I could Fly" from the "Above Ground and Vertical" record and "Lily of the Highway" from "Million Star Hotel." A haunting version of the "Summer of the Son of Sam" was a highlight as well.

Don Dixon was up next with the announcement that yesterday was Otis Reddings birthday. In that spirit he proceeded to do one song from every album he ever made and talked alot about the circumstances surrounding the creation of the music and the cover art for the CDs. So he began with the CD "Most of the Girls LTD" and of course did "Praying Mantis" and went chronologically all the way to "The Entire Combustible World In One Small Room."

Dixon had an houglass that denoted the time that was his before any requests would be taken from the audience. Notable in his set were
"(If I Could) Walk Away" from the album "#38" and "I Can Hear the River" from "EEE"

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