Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ebb and Flow, Raleigh Arts Commission Exhibit

I recently applied for a call to show work in the Block Gallery which is owned by the City of Raleigh. I am happy to report I was selected for a show in this space on West Martin Street in downtown Raleigh. The theme of the show is "Ebb & Flow." It is described here:
The artists of Ebb & Flow channel the beauty of the world around us through the lens of nature. Sacred belief, personal struggle and the essence of time and place form the conceptual framework of three distinct and powerful bodies of work.
The selection of the images was done by the director of the gallery, but I was quite pleased with her choices.
She wanted alot of  larger, new work which I am pleased to now have framed and presented for the first time. There are a set of photographs from Fort Macon State Park, and the rest being from areas in and around Orange and Alamance county. The images are all traditionally darkroom-printed silver-gelatin photographs. As part of the show we were interviewed:

Prepping for a show is never easy. I will readily admit I do not like framing as its hard work to do correctly. I did frame these with the help of photographer friend Doug Van de Zande. After a long, hot afternoon of asselmbly they were finally ready to go.

The opening was Thursday, September 5th and the presentation of the 12 images I had selected was left to the gallery to decide. Turns out my images were first in que to be seen and looked great on the wall.

I am grateful to Annah Lee and the Raleigh Arts Commission for a chance to show this work for the next 30 days! Also, I was lucky enough to have two of my photographs purchased by the city of Raleigh for their permanent collection!

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