Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Old Camera

B Square

This is the very first image from my newest camera a Yashica A Twin Lens Reflex. The Twin Lens Reflex has a viewing lens and a lens that actually takes the picture. So you don't exactly see the image until the film is developed. You peer into the top of this camera at a 3 inch square of ground glass that reflects the image you are photographing like some sort of phantom television. This camera is 48 years old and has very limited shutter settings. With 100 speed film on a cloudy day most of the shots I took required me counting the seconds off on my watch for the exposures. Those exposures are called "B" exposures as you get to decide how long they are. 120 film (what this camera uses) is square format so the output does not require the whole portrait/landscape discussion in my head I do with 35mm. Seems I like portrait alot when shooting 35mm...

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ann marie said...

So very glad you blogged this one. It is a fabulous piece of modern pictorialism with great clarity - of vision, too. It sure is fun peering into the squared square, and mine does not have any shutter speed settings, only f. settings. I do love how it came out. Very much in your style, and so tranquil. It's amazing composing with these cameras, one indeed does not see a thing, just the world upside down. So eager to have mine processed. Just gorgeous photo and a good match.