Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As in NOT digital. I just finished my first roll of film ever. It was easy for me to decide to mix things up and play with film. There is definitely a different look to the images and there is something about the magic of shooting it and NOT seeing it, trusting it and yourself. The waiting for the results builds the anticipation and in some cases some regrets when you see the pictures and you remember and learn. "Won't do that again" and "How about that!" were things I was mumbling to myself as I reviewed this first roll. So I will try to tone digital images Black and White less to make it clear what is what. I personally have found the two analog cameras I own from the late 60's 70's to be an apex of storts for their technology. They are large and heavy and made of substance, no plastics, real viewfinders. I love my digital camera and will continue to shoot it along with these as well but its a different thing. I shot alot of this simultaneously with the digital so some of my first film images will corespond with locations and shots previously presented digitally, but this wont be the case after this first roll is posted. I posted this very large so you film people can nod and enjoy the grain. I'm very pleased t so be able to say; Nikon L35, Ilford fp4 plus, unaltered scans strait out of the camera...


View on Grey

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ann marie simard said...

and it made explore!!! yay for that. love the photo... very film-forward :)

kona49 said...

I love this photo. I love film. I waited and waited to buy a digital camera, to the point where my husband gave me one as a gift. I pretended I couldn't decide which one I wanted and therein he removed the barrier. The real reason is, with my film cameras I have never learned the technical stuff, or lingo, and didn't know what analog meant until very very recently. But, I did learn when I turned one dial decidedly to the right and opened up the wheel on top, I could hold light longer and longer almost in my breath. Over years, I could feel fairly sure when I had a clear or okay shot, and eventually a systems response, eye, breath, finger on the camera and clicking of the shutter. Clicking in my head, when a ‘knowing’ some shots were going to be special developed. Anticipating, imagining the outcome, is it what I am hoping for? Is it something different? - all of that is lost in digital and while I love it for cost efficiency, once the staggering cost of the camera is done, but I miss the part that was magic. I haven't learned to do as much to manipulate light or to get the same speed on sequence shots. a dinosaur of sorts I just may be.