Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yes He Did

An exciting day for Obama supporters in NC! I enjoyed working at Obama headquarters in Orange County quite a bit. Mostly because the people there were not only committed they were nice people. Daniel and Adam (2 of the field directors for Orange County) were patient and communicated well with all the volunteers. We knew what to do and it all became routine and easy (except for canvassing). So here's to them and all the others who pitched in locally. Daniel has been with the Obama campaign since South Carolina running field offices in various counties all over the country. So he particularly savored this win and our amazing countywide support level (77% of Orange County went for Obama). When the announcement came from CNN the whole office cheered and ran outside to wave signs at passers-by and cheer some more. It was gratifying to see everyone happy and anticipatory of a possible win in Indiana at the NC victory gathering at Top of the Hill. I hope everyone involved in this primary win gets to do it again in an Obama for President campaign this fall.

Indiana Update: This from the Huffington Post

"Conversely, the significance of Clinton's victory in Indiana was undermined by indications that a statistically significant number of Republicans, perhaps as many as 7 percent of all the votes cast, were following the suggestion of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh to cast ballots for her in the Democratic primary."

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