Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wembley, Great Northern and Comas at the 506

Saturday saw a confluence of really good bands at the Local 506. First up was Wembley featuring Nathan Brown from Regina Hexaphone and the former Laramie UK. A terrific gig for such a new band. The arrangements were inventive and attractive to listen to. The vocals were clear and expressive. I wish I had a comparison for this band but they were very original. Definitely ensemble pop.

Next up was Great Northern from LA. They rocked hard from the very first note. A very tight performing ensemble they could stop and start on a dime. The material
was excellent as well. Lead Singer Rachel Stolte was impressive and guitarist Solon Bixler was amazing. Often coaxing overtones and harmonics out of the guitar this band is alot more rock oriented than their record would lead you to believe. Their new cd is called "Trading Twilight for Daylight"

Last was the Comas, alot of them, playing the solid material from their new album.
A particular favorite was Red Microphone. Members of the Comas had been off and on stage during the Great Northern set to help out with percussion and singing. It felt like these two bands who had been touring together were a singular support unit for each other. A rare thing in the current music industry climate.

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